Louis and Michael will take care of your real estate transactions. I’ve sold and bought a home through this firm and I trust that they have my best interest in mind and will advise me on the best course of action. Thanks Louis! I look forward to the next deal!

David T

Avvo - 09/02/16

Can’t say enough about the job Louis did for me during my real estate closing. Not only was he able to negotiate a large sellers credit for me, he was always available to speak to me personally when I needed throughout the entire process. His knowledge, expertise, and professionalism made the everything great. Thanks again.

Amado L

Avvo - 09/27/16

I received a very troubling speeding ticket in early January 2016. From a legal standpoint, I was at risk of losing my license and potentially seeing outrageously inflated insurance premiums for the next 5 years. I met with Mr. Chapman after finding him on this website. He was very friendly, responsive and patient with me. I had many questions as I was skeptical of him or anyone being able to deliver on something like this. He made my court experience a complete breeze. Showed up, on time, assured me everything would be ok (I was super nervous.) and met with the prosecutor immediately to negotiate my case. Without specifics, now the ticket is wholly a non-concern and my insurance is completely unaffected moving forward. I incurred a small fee from the court, and further more, Mr. Chapman spoke on my behalf to the judge, which led him to reduce the fee by another 50%. Mr. Chapman met all expectations set forth and delivered more than I could ever ask for. He will be my attorney for life. Thanks Uncle Lou.

Dennis Viera


About 12 years ago we used Louis for our home closing. He’s very knowledgeable and is professional.
I do a lot of driving and over the years have accumulated points on my record. When I needed, I hired an acquaintance to represent me in court. After a while, I figured I could get the same results and not have to pay the attorney’s fee.
This past year I got a 2 speeding tickets. It would have put me at 10 points! My attorney worked out a deal with the prosecutor for 2 points. The judge rejected it and said that I was a reckless driver…My attorney said I should take the defensive driving course online.
I did.
Then the letter of suspension came. What the Heck!! I took the class! My attorney looked it up. I had gotten a ticket earlier and didn’t take care of it. My wife just paid the summons online and I got no reduction in points and now I was over the limit.
I’m screwed now! I asked for a hearing and didn’t know what to do. I asked for a hearing.
The very night before I was to go to DMV, I called Louis B. and explained what was going on. He said he would meet me at 8:30 the next morning at court.
I was 5 minutes late, called ahead and he said not to worry, made me feel at ease and told me to drive safely.
When I got there, he said I really need to work on my driving.
A licence is privilege and a necessity. But a privilege.
He told me that there is a special class that they offer – in very extreme cases. But they don’t just give it to everyone.
I said I already took the class online and got the point reduction. He said this is different.
We met with the lady at the hearing. She was tough and blasted me about how I’m an unsafe driver and that driving is a privilege… (sounds familiar?)
I was “invited” to sign up for the course. If I didn’t take it my licence would be suspended.
I took the course, it took 4 hours, was with a live person, and it was much more powerful than the boring online course.
Today, I’m not suspended and will make every honest effort to drive safely… because I need to be able to drive… but it’s only a privilege.
Thank you Louis!



Mr. Chapman represented me on the sale of my home in November of 2015 and the purchase of a new home in January 2016. Both closings went smoothly and were handled professionally. Mr Chapman came to my house so that my spouse could sign papers and not have to be present at the closing. This effort and personal attention was much appreciated. As I already knew Mr Chapman from the real estate closings, when I recently got a traffic ticket I asked Mr Chapman to represent me. I expected to have to pay around $400 to avoid getting points. Mr Chapman was able to negotiate a fee of less than $100 and no points. I would definitely recommend Mr Chapman for these matters.



I was a first time home buyer and Louis acted as my lawyer. He took care of any issues that came up in the deal in an efficient and effective manner. He always responded to my phone calls and my emails quickly and was available when I needed him. Louis is a true professional with a lot of experience I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer. He made the legal aspects of purchasing a home stress free and easy. I know exactly who I am going to contact when I purchase my next home Louis Chapman and you should as well if you want to receive great service.



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